I am BEYOND excited to be welcoming you to my blog, A Pinch of Lemon.  This site has been in my head for such a very long time yet as a skilled procrastinator I took my sweet time getting here. However, starting now I am putting that “ambitious” slacker behind me and I am jumping in head first and I could not be more excited.

I am looking forward to sharing with you everything that I find inspiring about food, cooking, entertaining, hospitality and the exciting food scene that is happening around us.  I wish to motivate you to try new things in the kitchen, perhaps you will try a new spin on a classic old recipe, or simply pick up an ingredient at the store that you’d never even considered before!  Whatever it might be, I am excited to be with you on that ride.

To me a pinch of lemon is a burst of something bright and unexpected that you experience after taking trying something delicious, evoking a sense of surprise and delight as you are enjoying it.  It’s my hope that this site will offer you that sense of joy and happiness as you read about cooking, eating, drinking, entertaining and the art of hospitality.



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