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Tig’s Tips: Grating Cheese Without The Mess

I tend to be one of those gals who can be a little bit old school when it comes to kitchen gadgetry. For example, I owned a 14 cup Cuisinart Food Processor for three years before I bravely took it out of the box and gave it it’s first spin.  My Kitchen-Aid Mixer?  It was four years before that guy saw the light of day. I must admit, once I started using these kitchen work horses I became enamored by their swift and efficient ways, but yet, there are still some classics that I just can’t give up.  Enter the box grater!

Box Grater With Cheese

I can’t quite explain why I prefer the box grater to the grating blade on my Cuisinart, but I just do! Maybe it’s the mind trick that I play with myself, convincing my brain that this counts as a mini work out? Or perhaps it’s simply one of those zen like kitchen activities that allows me to zone out and relax – until my fingers almost meet the grating holes! Whatever it might be there is always that moment when the grating is over, I look at the mountains of cheese that are ready to be transferred into tiny serving bowls, or simmering pots of cream sauce, or perhaps a wonderful pizza that is waiting to slide into a toasty oven and I am daunted by how I will transfer all those little snowflakes of cheese to their next home without making a giant mess!

After a lifetime of scooping cheese with my hands, or sometimes using the trusty kitchen scrapper, I had light bulb moment, parchment paper was the answer!  Hooray!

A nice big piece of parchment paper is the trick to a swift cheese grating and collecting experience. Try it the next time you are grating cheese. Simply place a piece of parchment paper on your cutting board or counter top, set the boxed grater on top of it and grate to your hearts content. When you are done pick up the parchment paper, twist it into a little funnel and transfer the cheese to it’s next home! Voila!

Parchment in Measuring Cup

Look at how nice and tidy it is!  And the best part is that you will not lose a
single morsel of delicious cheese!

Tidy Cup of Grated Cheese

Don’t give up on you your old school kitchen tools like the trusty box grater. Instead, pull them out from the back of the cupboard and play around with them, see how you can get those simple tools to work more efficiently for you and your kitchen.

After this revelation, I will never grate cheese again without a piece of parchment paper to help me out again!

Grated Cheese on Parchment Ready To Serve



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  • Reply Amanda Paa June 28, 2015 at 8:33 pm

    I am so with you on the grater versus the food processor for some jobs like cheese. I also prefer it for grating zucchini even though the food processor does it much quicker. I find the difference to be in the texture, and it blends into things better, and with cheese, I think it melts easier. I love your photos, and thanks for the tips about the parchment paper! I am way too messy in the kitchen so this will help. xo

    • Reply Antigoni June 29, 2015 at 1:41 pm

      Amanda, I agree about the zucchini too! The cuisinart seems to make the strands way to thick, especially for fritters or patties! The great thing about the parchment is that when it’s all over, you just crumple it up and into the trash it goes! Yay!!! xo

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