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Tig’s Tips: Create A Used Silverware Holder

How many pieces of silverware do you use throughout the day? I swear some days it seems like I use dozens. I will use a spoon to stir my coffee in the morning. I will use a another one to taste something that I am cooking. I will grab a fork to nibble on some food from the fridge. I think you get the idea.

I used to place my used silverware on the counter, on a cutting board, or, awkwardly pile it all on top of one spoon rest, saving it for a future use. But this always seemed inefficient and messy. So, I began my quest to find a cuter and handier way to contain my used silverware.

What I found is this beautiful glass jar that I had leftover from an old candle. Not only is it cheerful on my counter, but it catches – and hides – the drips that fall off of my spoons or forks. The key here is to use a glass, a jar, or an old mug that you like to look at! It adds a bit of personality to your kitchen, all while hiding the fact that it is super useful!

I still use my spoon rest for my large cooking tools, but the little ones all get tossed into my used silverware jar. When I need to use my spoon again it is waiting with it’s handle up ready for me to easily grab and toss back in when I’m done! I LOVE it!

Give it a try! It is time to start rummaging through your cupboards to see what forgotten item could become your perfect used silverware holder! Let us know what you find in the comments below!





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