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My personal recipes are often inspired by the foods I ate as a kid, splitting my summers between Minnesota and Greece, I am influenced by both, therefore calling my style of cooking, Midwest Mediterranean. My Midwestern self loves hot dish, dessert bars and other homey treats, while my Greek self relishes the memory of vibrant meals in Greece surrounded by friends and family all summer long.  These family style meals would never disappoint.  The regular bounty on our dinner table was always enough to feed an army, it made no difference if there were ten of us or twenty of us, there was always enough for ten more to join.  It was here, over bowls of Greek village salads, piles of roasted meats served on pieces of newspaper, and plates of the freshest homemade feta and tastiest locally cured olives that you could dream of, that I experienced the meaning of true hospitality.   I am so lucky to be influenced by two cultures who use food to spread joy and love to those around them, this inspires my work in the kitchen each and every day.

I am excited to share with you recipes that I think are great!  Some are ones that I have developed, and others are favorites from trusted cookbooks, websites and bloggers.  I will introduce you to the people and sources that I turn to for culinary inspiration and as you meet these chefs, bakers, cocktail artists, butchers, store owners and more, you will find out what their own “pinch of lemon” is!  Because knowing what sparks joy in others’ culinary exploration will undoubtedly keep your own culinary spark going too!

These days I cook for all sorts of different audiences.  Passionate about hospitality, I have been feeding people for the last eight years at Kafe 421, my family owned restaurant in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At the Kafe I work day in and day out with my terrifically energetic and the Queen of Hospitality, my mom Georgia.  I am a regular food and lifestyle expert on the popular daytime talk show Twin Cities Live, and I have participated in some fun televised cooking competitions for both The Live Well Network and The Food Network.  When I am not sharing my recipes on TV, you can find me at home testing out new recipes on my friends and family, flipping through cookbooks, or watching TV with my cats Olympia and Kramer.

Find more about me on my personal website – AntigoniSanderMcCloud.com

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