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I love to read about food. As I sat down to think about what I love about food, what I love about cooking and what gets me excited to roll my sleeves up and get into the kitchen it hit me that we are bombarded daily by food stories and information! Right!?! It’s everywhere!!

For example, my morning routine is like clockwork. First, shuffle out of bed. Second, feed the darling kitty cats, Olympia and Kramer, who if not fed by 8 am are convinced that we are trying to starve them. Third, pour my morning coffee – this is crucial. Once all that is done the daily food briefing begins. As I click through Food52, TheKitchn, NYTimes Food, Huffington Post’s Taste Section and favorite blogs my head starts to spin.

“My lord there are so many recipes that I MUST try!”

“How on earth do people find the time to cook all of these?”

“Why am I NOT organizing all of my dried beans and grains in mason jars? And secondly, why I am not always pre-soaking a batch of dried beans or whole grains, so I can have them ready when the spirit moves me to make a dish at a moments notice! I am the WORST!!!”

After I go through this barrage of daily reminders of my inadequacy as a cook, a wife, a person and a homemaker I give myself a reality check. There was a time when we took pleasure in the simplicity of making a good dinner. Cooking something just because the spirit moved us, without the pressure of showcasing it on Social Media or trying to impress.

When I need to settle my brain and just get some good’ole fashioned cooking inspiration, I go back to the basics, I turn to my cookbooks. Yes, these trusted friends bring me back to why I got into the kitchen in the first place. Simple, beautiful, and great looking recipes, all bound together. The promise of making something that my friends and loved ones are certain to enjoy.


I have a bookshelf in my kitchen dedicated to them so I can pick one up when the spirit moves me. Sometimes I will sit down with a big stack and flip through them for a couple of hours. Other times I spend just ten minutes looking up an ingredient or even quickly looking at two or three different cooks takes on the same dish. Having them right there as my kitchen lifeline is the best. Flipping through the pages gives me genuine joy in a way that clicking through recipe after recipe online does not always do. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE each and every site that I click onto and I don’t expect to hang up my hat to my food obsessed internet habit, however, it will never replace my cookbooks!

Do you have a special cookbook in your collection that you always turn to? What are the basics that you remind yourself of when it comes to your cooking routine? I’d love to hear about it! Please share in the comments below!




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